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About Abia Diaspora

The responsibilities for the Abia State Office of Diaspora Matters include but are not limited to the following:

• Identify pool of professionals in diverse fields from Abia State indigenes in the Diaspora who wish to make contributions to the development of our state via:

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Providing Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)


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We are always a listening ear & supportive voice to Abians & the diaspora communities during this pandemic and even after.

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Happy Mother's Day! Wishing all the mothers a happy mother's day ❣️🌺❣️ Read More

May 08 2022

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May 08 2022

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May 05 2022

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May 02 2022

National orientation agency this morning . Tomorrow they will be providing train theTrainer program on... Read More

May 02 2022

The Physicians from the US visited the Abia state Children’s hospital this morning. They... Read More

May 02 2022

Helping Babies Breathe @Inspire Read More

Apr 28 2022

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Apr 17 2022

Omuma Road, Aba! Ikpeazu Did it... Read More

Apr 16 2022

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Apr 15 2022

Congratulations to Okey Ahiwe, our new Chief Of Staff Read More

Apr 14 2022

This is @ogbonnaerondu , The Executive Sec/CEO ADCOM 😍 Read More

Apr 12 2022

Under her watch, Abia became the first state in Nigeria to fully domesticate the Diaspora... Read More

Apr 12 2022

Governor Ikpeazu this evening met with the members of an Int'l NGO from the US... Read More

Apr 10 2022

OSISIOMA Flyover Aba. The first ever flyover in Abia State! Ikpeazu Did it! Read More

Apr 10 2022